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Easy way to go Khanderi Fort..!


About some "Khanderi Fort"..!

Khanderi Fort was named by Sardar Kanhoji Angre. This Fort is found 5 km off the shore of the Raigad area at town Thal, Kihim, and 20 km from the south of Mumbai. Khanderi Fort, close with its kin stronghold Underi (Jaidurg) fortress. The Khanderi island contains two major slopes, one fronting north, and the other standing south.


In 1679, Khanderi was involved by the powers of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj under the administration of Maynak Bhandari, who supervised the structure of the sustaining dividers. The vast majority of the stronghold is as yet unblemished, with the most noticeable structure being a light-house worked by the British in June 1867 and the two-story expanding whereupon the light-house is found. The light-house is 22 feet high and can be seen from up to 13 km away.